Our Community

What is Reform Judaism?
Throughout history, Jews have remained firmly rooted in Jewish tradition, even as we learned much from our encounters with other cultures. Nevertheless, since its earliest days, Reform Judaism has asserted that a Judaism frozen in time is an heirloom, not a living fountain. The great contribution of Reform Judaism is that it has enabled the Jewish people to introduce innovation while preserving tradition, to embrace diversity while asserting commonality, to affirm beliefs without rejecting those who doubt and to bring faith to sacred texts without sacrificing critical scholarship. With a rich tradition spanning more than 75 years, Temple Beth El is the center of worship, education and community for Reform Jews in Muncie, Indiana and the surrounding communities. Our synagogue community endeavors to teach our children about Jewish traditions and values as well as provide our members a tolerant and accepting environment in which to develop their own Jewish identities. Above all, we live by our people’s traditions, values and life.

Each of us yearns for a place where our lives are nurtured spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually. At Temple Beth El every person counts and everyone is welcome. Jews by birth, Jews by choice and interfaith families are all invited to join us as family for worship, learning and celebrating Judaism. Here we can all join together in a caring community that promotes Gemilut Chasidim, acts of loving kindness and justice. We all get purpose and strength from our community. The services and activities provided by Temple Beth El are made possible through the volunteer efforts of our members. Together, we teach our children, worship, celebrate, and fill our calendar with community activities to ensure that there is something for everyone. By our example, we can inspire our children to follow in our footsteps to assure Judaism’s survival for future generations to come. Our synagogue emphasizes the importance of individuals and we strive to welcome new members into our community. Please learn more about our congregation by contacting us directly.